Working With Children in Senegal

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on World Vision operations

In support of public health recommendations outlined by the World Health Organization, some sponsorship program activities have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Activities may include sponsor queries and correspondence, sponsor visits, gift notifications and gift deliveries. These temporary suspensions may affect the information you receive from us in the coming weeks and months.  
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Recently, when one million Senegalese people were impacted by severe drought, World Vision responded with emergency food kits to protect children and families from malnutrition. Longer term, we help farmers access drought-resistant seeds and develop cereal banks for grain storage. Cereal banks protect the harvest from damage by fire or pests and allow communities to set aside food for the lean season.  

In Senegal, school enrolment is increasing but the quality of education remains problematic. Another challenge is that approximately 25 per cent of children in Senegal do not have birth certificates, which are required for primary school graduation exams. We work with communities to strengthen the quality of education and help families gain access to birth registration services.

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Together, we’re making real change in the lives of children, families and communities. Just some of what was achieved with Canadian support in the past year:
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